Whispers of Growth


“Whispers of Growth” thrives on simplicity and elegance, with a carefully curated color palette that speaks to the beauty found in the subtleties of nature.



In the enchanting “Whispers of Growth”, the vibrant and verdant leaves of an avocado seed take center stage against a backdrop of soft, pink hues. This mixed media creation invites viewers into a world where the lush beauty of nature converges with the expressive strokes of artistic imagination.

The focal point of the composition is a striking depiction of avocado leaves, each leaf with shades of rich greens show their intricate veins and luscious sheen. The leaves, already large and resplendent, exude a sense of vitality and growth.

Against the canvas of a soft pink background, the leaves come to life with a dramatic contrast, creating a visual symphony that is both lively and harmonious. The pink tones serve as a delicate embrace, enhancing the organic vibrancy of the green leaves and infusing the artwork with a touch of romanticism.

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29,7 × 42 cm


Synthetic paper, 500 gsm


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