Golden zen


“Golden Zen” captures the serenity of life’s cycle with dry bamboo in a vase, touched by a sunbeam that forms a golden line against the dark backdrop. Symbolizing the afterlife, the artwork elegantly portrays the beauty and memories that persist even in life’s quiet transitions.

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In “Golden Zen,” the essence of tranquility is captured through a poignant scene of dry bamboo elegantly arranged in a vase. Illuminated by a beam of sunlight, a golden line of light delicately contrasts the dark background, symbolizing the afterlife as the once vibrant bamboo stands in serene repose.

This artwork, aptly named “Golden Zen,” beautifully conveys the paradox of life and death. The deceased bamboo, with its dry leaves and branches, stands as a poignant memory, bathed in the warmth of the sunbeam, inviting reflection on the continuity of existence and the enduring beauty found in the cycle of life.

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Weight 1 kg

Synthetic paper Yupo, 200 g/qm


Watercolors, water-soluble wax pastel




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